Is an accouting measurement model


Some points from an IFRS 17 role:




· Liaise with the actuarial reporting teams for SII and IFRS4 reporting, to understand how the liabilities have changed in recent years. Changes to any manually calculated liabilities need to be understood at a granular level.

· Calculate CSM figures across a range of products in line with agreed controls. An iterative approach will be used to move from indicative figures to final, audit-standard figures as IFRS17 adoption nears

· Understand the advantages and disadvantages of the three methods

· Exercise actuarial judgement to produce interim figures that are fit-for-purpose without undue effort

· Contribute to documents and papers used to secure approval from IFRS17 governance bodies and external auditors. To include the extension of high-level methodology decisions from T&M workstream to become fleshed-out, practical solutions