Hello, and welcome to my actuarial blog  !

When learning something new i prefer to take notes, picking out the aspects that are interesting, and noting questions for further consideration.  

I have decided to put my scrapbook of notes online.  This serves a several functions:

  • a consolidated set of notes that can be accessed through a browser
  • a structured repository of information with links to external resources
  • an opportunity for the wider community to comment and shape the content

The focus of the site is to keep information relevant for practical usage rather than stray too far into the realms of intellectual curiosity.
It is just an experiment really.  But i do hope it is of interest to some of you, and if so, you take the opportunity to comment.  I will do my best to get back to anyone that takes an interest in the site, and in the spirit of collaboration, incorporate positive contributions, time permitting.

Yours faithfully, 


Christopher J. Paine

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